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  • We are getting a new jail in Allen County.

    • The decision has been made, the Local Income Tax has been established, and a new jail is imminent; we must unify around a facility that will best serve the Allen County community moving forward

    • Current jail conditions are unconstitutional for inmates and unsafe for correctional officers

      • In March 2022 Federal Judge Damon Liechty determined that the Allen County Jail was deficient and demanded a plan of action from County Government; the County Commissioners have worked tirelessly to resolve the issues, but the County Council has fallen short​

    • Improved post-arrest mental health and substance abuse treatment

    • Pre-arrest diversion programs can be developed in addition to the new jail, allowing for more comprehensive mental health and substance abuse treatment outside of the criminal justice system


  • We are experiencing a homelessness crisis.

    • Not just a “Fort Wayne issue” but a health and safety issue impacting our County

      • All four Allen County public school systems have homeless assistance programs

    • The lack of affordable housing and rising rents have only contributed to the homelessness crisis, with many residents one paycheck away from homelessness

    • An absence of mental health and substance abuse treatment outside of the criminal justice system has compromised the health and safety of Allen County

    • Working to fund county-wide social welfare programs will ultimately reduce the impact of homelessness on its residents


  • As a new county councilman, I will:

    • Actively participate in budgetary discussions to ensure that constituent input is represented in your County budget

    • Oversee County spending to ensure taxpayer resources are spent responsibly while recognizing the expertise of our public servants

    • Prioritize community development initiatives throughout the County, putting Allen County on the map for economic and business development opportunities

    • Act both responsibly and responsively to the unique and growing needs of Allen County


  • Our County Government is in crisis.

    • Allen County Council is the fiscal body and must work collaboratively with the Allen County Commissioners to fund transformative and sustaining legislative initiatives within the county

    • Our County Government's integrity is threatened when the expertise of our public servants fails to be recognized

    • County Council continues to operate in bad faith with the County Commissioners and has made it impossible for our public servants to do their work

    • On County Council, I will maintain an open dialogue with County Administration and discuss mutual priorities toward a better Allen County

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